Shipping Policy

Shipping Rates and Times only offers digital goods for the time being, meaning that all our products will be shipped via download link through the obd2technology website delivery system totally free with no shipping cost, but with some delivery time periods that vary slightly.


Shipping times


Debit and Credit cards: with debit and credit cards payment method the shipping and delivery of the link/s is made instantly having a completion time frame of less than 1 minute including the sending of the email, and a link submission within customer account in less than 30 seconds after paying.

Cryptocurrency: Besides this, when paying with cryptocurrency, shipping time frame starts counting when customer has completed the payment and the system captures it.  This means that user has to wait until the system captures the payment. It can be within a range of around 15 minutes until the network upates the transaction process. Customer will then see an order confirmation within the account downloads section with the download link aproved. This payment method is a bit more slow than the previous one.

Paypal: And finally, when sending paypal indirect payment, customer has to wait until admin of the website sees the order and check manually if the payment has been done. This is done quickly in the site admin working hours: from 10 am to 2 am in “miami time zone” normally. The admin normally aproves orders made this way within a 1 hour time frame. But sometimes could take up to 3 hours. Out of the admin working hours all orders paid out of this time period will have to wait until admin checks manually and aproves them, so the maximum range of time that orders could take to be aproved is 12 hours in rare cases.  after the payment is verified, the admin will complete the order quicly from any place and the customer will receive a confirmation email with the order details and download link. He al also be available to access to his account from the device he/she made the purchase to download the link/s.


Shipping via digital delivery generally explained.


When a buyer orders an item on the website they normally have 3 options to complete their payment. Payments by debit or credit cards, paypal indirect or cryptocurrency checkout.

1-Payments by debit or credit cards Shipping

-When ordering an item with direct debit or credit card payment method, the system will capture the payment and instruct the website to automaticly aprove the order. This means that the user will see a redirection to his downloads section after payment is completed, and after some seconds will receive an email invoice confirmation with his order aproval details including the download link.


2-Payments by paypal shipping

By the other hand, when users place an order selecting paypal (indirect payment method), will see an instructions order confirmation in the website with detailed steps to complete the payment. This method is indirect as is not connected directly to the website, so orders with this method will be aproved manually by the website admin after payment confirmation


3-Payments by Cryptocheckout Shipping

with this third payment method, the system also captures the payment once it is done and after less than 15 minutes the order is aproved and the download links of the purchase will appear in the downloads section of your account and you will also receive an invoice with order details confirmation and the product download link.

shipping for guests and registered users.


For guests: When you purchase a digital good on you have to provide an email at least so the order can be delivered to it in case your cookies session ends and you don’t see the download links in your temporala ccount.


For registered users: when you have a registered account

Conclusion of this Policy.


Obd2technology does not offer phisycal goods for the time being. Meaning that shipping rates are a null feature in shipping costs, which do not have a real cost as all products are delivered digitally.

In the future, has the rights to update this policy in case that new payment methods are added and/or a new line of tangible products is launched.