122+ GB
Last update of the database for June 2024/02

Firmware for blocks of passenger cars of the VAG group

VW passenger (Brand-V)
VW commercial (Brand-N)
Audi (Brand-A)
Seat (Brand-S)
Skoda (Brand-C)
Bentley (Brand-E)
MAN (Brand-M)

For automobile control units, authorized software updates. Flash drives for the VCP, ODIS-Service, and ODIS-Engineering.
It is highly advised to consult TPI (TPI = Technical Problem Information) before flashing.


Files included the delivery:

-Flashdaten_Audi_2024.02.07(february 7th)

-Flashdaten_Bentley_2024.02.07(february 7th)

-Flashdaten_Seat_2024.02.07(february 7th)

-Flashdaten_Skoda_2024.02.07(february 7th)

-Flashdaten_Volkswagen_2024.02.07(february 7th)


Dataflash for ODIS and Vag can pro systems.

-Designed for persons with technical training who can work with the above mentioned programs. If you do not understand how to use the data flash files, do not try to update the car modules yourself and instead call a specialist.

-Up to 2024 dataflash files, containing 120.000+ files: VAG Dataflash (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT, Bentley, Lamborghini, MAN)

-Before updating TPI, it is strongly advised that you read it.

-122.60 GB of data upload quickly and may be downloaded without delay or restriction.

-7Zip software is also supplied.

-Download link is in a private fast server free of charge.

-No slow torrent download only fast server link.


TPI VAG (120,000+ reports)

-Information on the car company VAG’s technical problems (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT).

Instructions and repair information can be found in the “Technical Trouble Information (TPL)” (from 2001).

-This provides current service technique information (for example, under warranty or service actions). There are also instructions for solving current technological problems saved.

-In these official summary, information on the sandbars known to the manufacturer and how to remove them is included. Information about current software versions for certain block models is also included.

-The database search is performed using any file manager, such as Total Commander, FAR, or Windows Explorer.

-The majority of SEAT entries are in Russian, English (UK), German, and Czech, as well as Spanish.

Work procedure:

1. Save the necessary file to disk.
2. Navigate to the src folder.
3. Specify the file manager who can search for FILES! Total Commander, for example.
4. We instruct it to locate all *.htm files containing the text of interest, such as the engine’s letters: BSE (and put the dummy Unicode) (and put the dummy Unicode)
5. After the list is shown, we say “files to panel,” open the browser, and read about the car’s technical problem information (TPI) and how to solve them… Following the execution of the documentation. You can navigate to the folder where you need the htm in the document; there is usually also a pdf file with more detailed usage instructions.




The link will be instantly available once payment is confirmed. It will be seen in the downloads section of your obd2technology account.





How To Place An Order, download and common questions:

Faq Page – Obd2 Technology


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VAG DATAFLASH/Flashdaten 24.02 2024/02 Multilingual 122 GB for ODIS VAG DATAFLASH/Flashdaten 24.02 2024/02 Multilingual 122 GB for ODIS
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