JPRO 2022 v2 Noregon on VMware version

JPRO 2022v2 07.2022 is the most recent version.

JPRO 2022v2 is the most frequently used heavy and medium-duty vehicle diagnostic software.

JPRO covers multiple brands.

JPRO information helps users save repair time by providing detailed maintenance and repair solutions with bidirectional functionality, such as DPF regeneration, cylinder cutting, parameter adjustment, and many more.

It is possible to install it on an unlimited number of computers.

It does not need to be reactivated.

Engine diagnostic coveraged makes: CAT, Cummins, Detroit, Ford, GM, Hino, International, Mack, Mercedes, PACCAR, Sprinter, Volvo

Systems supported: body and chassis, Engines, Transmissions, Abs(These 4 for many trucks and bus vehicles) Ctis(Only for DANA vehicles), Das and Tpms(these 2 last only for bandix)



Noregon Jpro 2022 v2 heavy-duty Features:

-Graphically displays code error data.
-Diagnosing electrical issues and frequent performance concerns.
Custom data parameter groups to display in the Data Monitor option.
-Capability to directly alter Maximum Road Speed, Cruise Speed, and Idle Shutdown parameters.
-Displays the trailer lamp status within the window of the tractor brake key data point.
-All brake systems on tractors and trailers should include wheel speed sensors.

-Fuel System displays data.
-Oil System displays diagnostic information.
-Aftertreatment display to assist in emissions troubleshooting.
-The Regen Zone Information window assists technicians in comprehending DPF systems on modern diesel trucks.

-Wheel speed sensors on all braking systems for tractors and trailers.
-The bi-directional Wiggle Test / Performance Issue Monitor test aids in the diagnosis of loose electrical connections, intermittent malfunctions, and performance complaints.
-Capability to alter PTO parameters directly from the vehicle key.
-Updated cylinder cutout test with animated piston and injector controls.
-Displays Bendix Intellipark switches and lights in the window for the tractor brake critical data points.
-Variation of the Fuel System display for CNG engines using Agility fuel system components.
-Reading and displaying HD-OBD Emissions problems are supported.
-A clear measure of the vehicle’s overall health, considering:

    • ✓ No 1939 Data (on 2009 or newer vehicles)
    • ✓ Cannot Detect Engine
    • ✓ Excessive CAN Error Frames
    • ✓ Active Faults Present
    • ✓ DPF Regen Inhibited
    • ✓ DPF Regen Needed
    • ✓ Consumable Fluid(s) Low
    • ✓ Battery Voltage Low
    • ✓ Cannot Detect ABS (on 2001 or newer vehicles)
    • ✓ Aftertreatment Diagnostics
    • ✓ Coolant System
    • ✓ Fuel System
    • ✓ Oil System
    • ✓ DEF Tank and Pump
    • ✓ DPF and DOC
    • ✓ Engine, EGR, and Turbocharger
    • ✓ SCR
    •  Search the Data tab to quickly identify parameters of interest.
    • Coolant System displays data.

And many many more other features included for expert diagnostics…


Regions: Worldwide
Available languages include English and Spanish
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 64-bit
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 64-bit
RAM: 8 or more GB
Virtualization mode activated in BIOS (intel VTX).
Supported hardware includes the Nexiq 1 or 2, Noregon DLA DPA5 as well as several additional RP1210 devices.


Presentation video:

YouTube video



The link will be instantly available once payment is confirmed. It will be seen in the downloads section of your obd2technology account.





How To Place An Order, download and common questions:

Faq Page – Obd2 Technology


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Noregon JPRO 2022.07 v2 on vmware english unlimited license install Noregon JPRO 2022.07 v2 on vmware english unlimited license install
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