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The more we drive the car the better it seems to operate. No noise, just stopping power! 

OBD2TECHNOLOGY was born on 2021 for offering best automotive information for repair procedures, epc catalogues and obd2 diagnostics technology knowledge to our followers.


Today, having an scanner at home and a computer for diagnosing a vehicle is as essential as having to take it to the dealer…..That´s why obd2technology comes to the internet with compiled information offering latest diagnostic, programming, electronic parts catalogues and workshop information programs. All these along with  other support that complement workshops work.

Meaning globally that car spare parts dealers, workshops and people that desire to repair their vehicles on their own, can take a look on the best vehicle softwares that exist up to now!



Come as an automotive information site but at same time be a blog with information about vehicle softwares, scanners and common bugs that everyone tend to ask somtimes,  like: what scanner do I need for this software?, what software do I need to do immo off to this computer?, what program is suitable for key programming?….These and many other questions will be responded in this website as days pass by


Values on this site are confidence, good treatment to people, honesty in our service and decensy. We love to treat in a good manner everyone. Even with the silence of the good shape of this site. 


Show diagnostic information, electronic parts catalogues, workshop repair information, single repair manuals, car tuning databases, dumps for ecu, airbag immobilizer, egr and dpf reset, key code obtenption and programming digital tools. All these within well thaught categories that can help to find what you can usually be looking for.

We offer honest service. Latest and best program releases with setup instructions included.

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